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Hats, Turbans, Scarves & Headcoverings

Tiffanys is proud to be New Englands largest source of hats, turbans, scarves, bandanas, headbands, and other accessories for the head.

We boast over 3,000 various head coverings in endless arrays of styles and colors. We also offer one on one appointments for help picking out the perfect matches to compliment your individual taste and style with our millinery specialist, who has over 40 years experience in this genre.

Whether you’re looking for alternatives for the days you wont be wearing your wig, or just some fabulous hats to enjoy, we’re your one stop shop for endless options.

** appointments are not required for hat/turban shopping, you are welcomed to come in and browse our selection. However, if you feel you need assistance selecting these items, please call to schedule an appointment. **


Trust your hair to what only 45 years experience can provide. Call Tiffany for Women today at 401-944-9878!

Tiffanys always has a gorgeous selection of all the latest turban styles (so many to choose from), as well as sleepcaps, hats and scarves.